• Understanding Imposter Syndrome
    Ever feel like you're faking it, even though you are actually making it? This isn't just an existential crisis, it's a real phenomenon called Imposter Syndrome. It's that nagging feeling that despite your accomplishments and qualifications, you're a fraud just waiting to be exposed. Read more
  • Understanding cognitive distortions
    Imagine this: you miss a call from your boss and your mind instantly jumps to the conclusion that you're about to be fired. Or, you forget to pick up milk and suddenly feel like a complete failure as a responsible adult. These are just a couple of examples of cognitive distortions, those sneaky thought patterns that can twist our perception of reality and fuel negativity. Read more
  • Understanding Men's mental health
    In a world that often celebrates the strength and resilience of men, a hidden battle rages on behind closed doors. Men’s mental health remains shrouded in stigma, making it difficult for many to seek the help they desperately need. Read more
  • Loneliness: The Hidden Epidemic of the Modern World
    Loneliness is an epidemic that has taken the modern world by storm. Let’s find out the underlying causes of it and possible solutions. Read more
  • Your body is worthy of love, respect and care!
    Beauty standards have always played a cruel role in determining women’s agency, no matter the time period. We have become so prone to seeing ourselves from the eyes of others that we end up alienating ourselves from our core essence. This shame and the refusal to perceive ourselves in light of our body’s abilities set us down a destructive path of mental decline. Read more
  • Understanding The Four Dimensions Of Resilience
    We, human beings, are the most resilient creatures on earth. We’ve lived through and are still living with natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, catastrophic calamities, wars, death, famine, climate change, and great periods of depression. But where our collective resilience shines (especially during the darkest times), our individual resilience needs to be strengthened - on all four dimensions. Read more
  • Why Are Boundaries Important in Self-Care?
    Amidst the relentless demands of daily life, we frequently neglect the significance of our boundaries. At times, we find ourselves stretched thin, constantly giving to others while neglecting our own needs. We might become depleted, emotionally and physically, leaving little room for self-care and personal growth. Read more
  • Let's talk about men's mental health
    Even though mental health awareness is growing, there remains a stigma around it, particularly for men, that keeps many men from seeking help when they need it. Read more
  • The impact of social media on mental health!!
    The negative impact of social media on mental health outweighs the positive. During the past years, social networking has led to some profound changes in how people interact and communicate. Yes, access to a vast network of information has made our lives easier but what about the dark hidden corners of social networking sites (SNS)? Read more
  • Does work stress affect our mental health?
    You are not the only one rocking the boat with work-related stress. Amongst the dozen other people, you will find a friend or two who is also going through the same thing. Scientific studies have shown that stress can indeed play havoc on our mental health. Work-related stress can affect us emotionally and mentally. Read more
  • Coping with Burnout
    Burnout is a very real phenomenon, the adverse effects of which have become increasingly evident in recent years. It is characterised as a state of extreme physical, emotional and mental exhaustion caused by chronic stress over a prolonged period of time. This can be caused by continuously overworking yourself, or even simply not feeling valued for the hard work you do. Read more
  • Quick tips to be assertive
    Being assertive is a crucial part of our communication skills. It allows you to explain yourself clearly and defend your views. Read more
  • How to build Self-Confidence with Self-Love....
    Being confident in your abilities is a powerful thing, but it’s never easy to come by. Building self-confidence essentially comes down to how much love and respect you have for yourself. That is why self-love is such an important topic when it comes to mental health, which is directly connected to how confident one feels. The connection of self-love and self-confidence is almost direct. You can’t feel confident within your skin if you don’t love yourself and see yourself as worthy. Therefore, it becomes kind of a prerequisite to feeling truly confident in yourself. Read more
  • High-Functioning Anxiety - What is it & What You Need to Know
    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘anxiety?’ Most people would picture a person who’s feeling nervous and restless to the point they find it hard to function. While this is precisely what anxiety disorder looks like, it’s not what High-Functioning Anxiety is. Read more
  • Parenting Teenagers Made Easy: Here is How You Can Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Growing Kids
    Parenting is perhaps the toughest and most rewarding job in the world. You take on the immense responsibility of raising a child who will go out in the world to find their place. Read more
  • Simple steps to develop a positive attitude !
    A positive mindset doesn’t necessarily mean smiling or looking cheerful all the time. It’s a way of thinking and maintaining a perspective that gives you a positive view on life. Think of it as your emotional attitude. Read more

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