• Getting Over a Breakup.....
    Break ups are never easy, no matter how old you get. They leave you heartbroken and endlessly sad. In the moment, it feels like the pain will never go away and you’ll never be able to find love again. All of these feelings and emotions are natural because you begin to grieve the relationship. Read more
  • Why Mindfulness Matters? 4 Ways it Brings Balance to Your Inner Self
    Mindfulness is a powerful tool to recenter your energy towards your authentic self and connect with your surroundings in a deeper manner. It makes you aware of your own emotions, the energy people carry around you, as well as your surrounding environment. Read more
  • Help Yourself by Breaking Out of Toxic Patterns with These Easy Tips
    Toxic habits and patterns are not only very difficult to break, but they are also not easy to recognize at first. We can identify toxic traits such as - negativity, inconsistency, manipulation, being judgmental, etc. through self-observation & self-awareness. Read more
  • How to build Self-Confidence with Self-Love....
    Being confident in your abilities is a powerful thing, but it’s never easy to come by. Building self-confidence essentially comes down to how much love and respect you have for yourself. That is why self-love is such an important topic when it comes to mental health, which is directly connected to how confident one feels. The connection of self-love and self-confidence is almost direct. You can’t feel confident within your skin if you don’t love yourself and see yourself as worthy. Therefore, it becomes kind of a prerequisite to feeling truly confident in yourself. Read more
  • Healing Your Inner Child with Self Love
    As we grow older, we slowly come to the realization that the wounds carried by our inner child run deep. If we don’t attend to these wounds gently, then we set ourselves to a lifetime of getting hurt and held back by them. That is why self-love is so important. Read more
  • Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs....
    Have you ever thought about how your limiting beliefs stop you from achieving what you want? Typically, one has to battle negative thoughts like, “I am not good enough.” Read more
  • Understanding Grief ......
    Grief and loss are personal – no two people experience it quite the same way. Who you are, your relationship with who / what you've lost and your personal coping methods determine how you experience grief and how it will affect you. Read more
  • Understanding Adult Separation Anxiety
    Separation anxiety is frequently considered ‘immature’ because of how strongly it's associated with children. Children don't realize that the person leaving will return, and become anxious at the thought of being separated from them. However, adults also suffer from this anxiety disorder, where they are afraid of being separated from a person, a group of persons, or even a pet. Read more
  • It's Okay To Not Be Okay
    Mental health awareness is increasing, but mental health doesn't seem to be improving. Read more
  • Men's Mental Health
    Even though mental health awareness is growing, there remains a stigma around it, particularly for men, that keeps many men from seeking help when they need it. Read more
  • Let go......
    Identify your negative behavioral patterns. Recognizing these patterns will help you become more aware of your own habits – some of which may be serving as a deterrent to your own success. Read more
  • Helping Your Teenage Child Deal with Anxiety
    Raising teenagers is a difficult job as it is. Your child is going through a huge transformational phase of their lives, and more often than not, it is as tough on you as it is on them. Read more
  • Helping Someone Who Is Suicidal
    Research has shown that people who commit suicide are ambivalent about their decision to commit suicide. They do not want to end their lives, they only want to end their suffering Read more
  • Why is it so difficult for us to talk about our mental health?
    Why is it so difficult for us to talk about our mental health? The social stigma of mental illness is widespread. Adding this health problem to the long list of stereotypes is not only difficult on the person suffering from it but also makes people insensitive to the issue at hand. Read more
  • Understanding The Four Dimensions Of Resilience
    We, human beings, are the most resilient creatures on earth. We’ve lived through and are still living with natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, catastrophic calamities, wars, death, famine, climate change, and great periods of depression. But where our collective resilience shines (especially during the darkest times), our individual resilience needs to be strengthened - on all four dimensions. Read more
  • Parenting in the 21st Century
    There was a time when a coffee mug with “Best Mom Ever” written on it or a t-shirt that says “Best Dad Ever” made other parent-friends jealous when they came to your house. Today, this scenario is hard to imagine because the rules of parenting have changed! To qualify as competent or anywhere near to “perfect,” you need to have the following qualifications: Read more

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