Client Reviews

I reached out to Sanjukta during a career transition. She helped me in spelling out the next steps in my career & what I should be looking for in my next role. Not only that, she was with me throughout my job search, by helping me evaluate opportunities. Thanks to her support and guidance, I am now in a highly  satisfying role. - Vikalp

I had tried working with few other coaches briefly, before zeroing in on Sanjukta. I love the fact that she actually listens to me & that she provides me with the safe space to speak without fear. She has been instrumental in helping me gain a better understanding of myself and get clarity on my key issues & the steps that I need to take for change. Thanks to Sanjuktas calm positive energy, I have now learnt to make my choices from a place of optimism, rather than fear - Nishtha A    

Sanjukta helped me navigate through one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging phases in my life. I am eternally grateful to her and would highly recommend her as a coach. - Shikhar

I met Sanjukta to see if I could improve my work habits. During the course of my sessions, I also unearthed a range of emotions and negative self-beliefs. Sanjukta helped me understand those emotions with trust, care, empathy and sans-judgment. She also helped me to challenge & reframe my negative beliefs. I not only was able to improve my work habits but also embarked on a wonderful journey of self-love, self-belief & optimism all thanks to Sanjukta!! - Kyle

I started working with Sanjukta when I found myself at a roadblock, in my life. Sanjuktas supportive, non-judgmental, solution-focused approach has helped me work through some of my deeprooted negative beliefs which were holding me back. I would absolutely recommend Sanjukta as a coach. - Hailie

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your help & guidance in the recent months. I am so glad that I chose you as my coach. Your invaluable insights and prompts helped me to arrive at my own insights which enabled me to steer my life in the right direction. As a result of my coaching with you, I feel so much better prepared to handle any situation that I may face in the future. - Saloni

Sanjukta has been an invaluable guide throughout our daughter, Astha’s college application journey. Her expertise, dedication, and unwavering support have made a world of difference. From assisting with college application to providing emotional support, Sanjukta provided the tools and confidence our daughter needed to navigate this challenging process. Thanks to her guidance, Astha received multiple admission offers, including her dream college –     Pragati Sethi 

Working with Sanjukta was a game-changer for me. Her insight, support and commitment played a pivotal role in helping me make informed decisions about my education and future. Sanjukta went above and beyond in helping me identify the right colleges and assisting me with applications and scholarships. Her handholding helped me get admission in a college of my choice and fulfill my academic aspirations.  Kalpana Sinha 

During my initial session with Sanjukta, I was a bit hesitant in opening up about my life in front of a stranger. I was doubtful that Sanjukta could do or say or suggest anything that could make my life any better. However, Sanjukta was very patient with me & always seemed to genuinely care, my initial indifferent attitude notwithstanding. She seemed to be a caring, attentive, unbiased, empathetic person who was genuinely interested in assisting me in making my own changes in life. This helped me to open up and show trust in her. She enabled me to see my issues in life in a different light and armed me with tools & techniques to face & manage those issues. She was like a beacon of light guiding me home through a long, winding, dark road. I truly appreciate everything Sanjukta has done for me.   - Akriti M

My experience with Sanjukta has been wonderful. Her guidance and expertise have been instrumental in helping me navigate the often confusing and overwhelming career choices. With her support, I not only identified my true passions and strengths but also successfully achieved my career goals. I can’t thank Sanjukta enough for her invaluable assistance in shaping my professional journey. - Aditya S

Sanjukta helped me navigate and heal from a challenging relationship. Her empathetic support and insightful guidance helped me gain clarity and strength.  - LK

Sanjukta’s support had helped me get through a very difficult time in my life after an unimaginable loss. She is warm and empathetic and genuinely cares for her clients. Sanjukta listened attentively to me and asked perceptive questions. She also provided me with excellent tools and strategies to help me cope with my grief. -  Chandana

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