• Coping tips for Social Anxiety!
    Social anxiety is characterized by an intense fear of being negatively evaluated, rejected, or judged in a social situation. In milder cases, the symptoms of social anxiety only appear in specific situations, such as public speaking. On the more extreme end, any form of social interaction can act as a trigger. Read more
  • The impact of social media on mental health!!
    The negative impact of social media on mental health outweighs the positive. During the past years, social networking has led to some profound changes in how people interact and communicate. Yes, access to a vast network of information has made our lives easier but what about the dark hidden corners of social networking sites (SNS)? Read more
  • Does Work Stress Affect our Mental Health?
    Scientific studies have shown that stress can indeed play havoc on our mental health. Work-related stress can affect us emotionally and mentally.So, the verdict is ― Yes, work stress does affect our mental health but the good news is, it can be managed with a little bit of work! :) Read more
  • How to Improve your Relationship with your partner
    A healthy and happy relationship is built on trust, commitment, and your ability to be there for your partner through thick and thin, and vice versa. But how does one know Read more
  • Helping your Child deal with bullying...
    If your child is a victim of bullying, the first impulse may be to just jump in & deal with your child’s bully, but fighting your child’s bullying battles may not be the best way to solve this problem for them. As a parent, your responsibility should be to arm your child with strategies to deal with the bully on their own : Read more
  • The Miracle of the Human Mind
    The human mind is a glorious miracle waiting to be discovered. You can use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to optimize your mind to achieve success. Read more
  • Finding Inner Peace
    Finding inner peace is a very important step toward sustaining a healthy state of mind. Finding inner peace enables you to be aware of yourself, and have control over your mood and how you react to particular situations. Read more
  • Take a Break - For Yourself
    Take a break because living at a high level of productivity is not only unsustainable, but it is actually counterproductive. Read more
  • Raising Well-adjusted Kids
    Sometimes, raising children can seem like a nightmare. But it can also be a very fulfilling experience if you just learn to find a balance. Read more
  • Why Journaling Your Thoughts Matter
    All you have to do is set aside a few minutes of your day; it could be with your breakfast or right before bedtime, and just write whatever you feel. Read more
  • You Are Ready!
    If you keep waiting for the perfect time, you’ll keep waiting forever. Instead, accept the fact that you are ready now. Read more
  • Self Care for Mothers
    We know your life revolves around your kids. But sometimes, even mothers need to take out some time for themselves. Read more
  • Life after lockdown....
    From never having enough time to do the things you want to, to having more time than you wanted, to now having to find a middle ground. As the world is learning to deal with the pandemic and we are on the verge of having the lockdown relaxed, there are a few things you have to keep in mind to deal with these changes. Read more
  • Staying Positive
    The importance of staying positive is now more relevant than ever. It may be difficult to look for things that make you happy amid a global crisis. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every day has something positive in it; it’s just that some days you have to look harder. Read more
  • Switching Off – The Joy of missing out
    Try to maintain a sweet balance between being adequately-informed and over-informed. Saturation from the over-information you’re receiving via the news and social media may be one of the most significant factors contributing to your anxiety which may already be heightened and more difficult to control during this time. Read more
  • Intentional Parenting
    A child will follow our example, not our advice. Read more

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