How to build Self-Confidence with Self-Love....

Build Self-Confidence with Self Love

Are you suffering from a lack of confidence in yourself? Here is how self-love helps!

Being confident in your abilities is a powerful thing, but it’s never easy to come by. Building self-confidence essentially comes down to how much love and respect you have for yourself. That is why self-love is such an important topic when it comes to mental health, which is directly connected to how confident one feels. The connection of self-love and self-confidence is almost direct. You can’t feel confident within your skin if you don’t love yourself and see yourself as worthy. Therefore, it becomes kind of a prerequisite to feeling truly confident in yourself.

 Keep reading to learn more about the connection between self-confidence and self-love.

How does Self Love Build Self Confidence?

Here are different ways self-love contributes to self-confidence:


The first pillar of self-love is self-acceptance and extending kindness to yourself. If you accept yourself for all your flaws, strengths, and weaknesses, your inner critic dies out, and as a result you feel much more confident within your body and mind. A sense of safety within one’s self is the prerequisite of feeling confident, and self-acceptance helps you achieve that.


Self-care is another important aspect of self-love. You become more caring towards yourself when you have an innate sense of self-love. Caring for yourself involves allowing yourself to rest, forgiving yourself for mistakes, and letting yourself pursue things that make you happy. When you make self-care an important part of your routine and life, you are able to nurture the love within.

By prioritizing yourself and acknowledging and addressing your needs, you feel worthy of all the care and love you show yourself. The boost in self-esteem, then, directly helps build confidence.

Higher Motivation

When you have a strong sense of self-love, you have a bigger appetite for life. It is easier to feel excited by small and big things and all the possibilities that this life offers. Plus, your desire to learn and grow increases substantially, which translates into you having higher motivation. When a person is motivated to achieve something from within, they are less likely to give up easily and more likely to succeed. As a result, self-confidence begins to comes to them naturally.

No Self Confidence without Self Love

As you may have been able to tell by now, all forms of self-care and self-love contribute to building self-confidence. Any confidence that isn’t embedded in self-love is simply pretending. Make sure you build a truly healthy relationship with yourself because that is the highest form of self-love, and nothing nurtures confidence like that.

It is very important that you prioritize self-love and work on accepting yourself a 
little more each day. You will be surprised to see the wonders it does for your

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