Quick tips to be assertive

Being assertive is a crucial part of our communication skills. It allows you to explain yourself clearly and defend your views. 

Being assertive also helps to increase your self-esteem and gain respect. Examining your communication style is the first step toward increasing your assertiveness. 

Do you communicate in a passive or aggressive manner?

The needs of others may take precedence over your own if you have a passive approach. 

Conversely, an aggressive approach infringes on other people's rights. 

However, being assertive is a very different approach altogether. Assertive communication involves "clearly stating your wants or requirements without intimidating or bullying."

Quick Tips to be Assertive

Respect your rights

Gaining a solid sense of who you are and a firm belief in your intrinsic worth as well as your contribution to your team and business can help you become more assertive.

Be confident

Make sure your priorities, including your needs and wants, are satisfied if you wish to perform to the best of your abilities.

Don’t try to change others opinions

Avoid the error of taking full responsibility for how others view your opinions and thoughts. You cannot change the way people think and what they believe.

Don’t shy away

Even when you are dealing with a challenging or unpleasant situation, it is necessary to express your thoughts. However, you must approach it compassionately and constructively.

Welcome constructive criticism

Accept criticism gracefully, respectfully, and positively, both favorable and negative.

Learn to say NO

We know it might be difficult to say ‘no’ sometimes, but it's essential if you want to develop your assertiveness.

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