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Choosing positivity during COVID-19

Make the most of this time that you’re spending indoors at home amid the chaos caused by COVID-19.

Instead of looking at this time as ‘isolation’, change your perception to see the positive and think of it as ‘choosing solitude’.

When you train yourself to believe this is a conscious choice, that you’re choosing solitude and not living in isolation, the shift from the negative energy to the positive will prove to be miraculous.

Once you reorient your mind to look at this as something more meaningful than being forced to stay indoors in your own house, you’ll free your mind, body, and soul from feeling confined the way it currently is.

View this period of solitude as a blessing rather than a curse. Feel blessed to have this time at home to spend with your family which you otherwise don’t get.

You can choose to experiment with some fun-filled activities for you and your family – once you start coming up with ideas, you won’t fall short.

If you live alone, take this opportunity to reflect on your life, to recharge your mind, body, and soul, to recognize habits that no longer serve you, and to bring about fundamental differences in your life – one step at a time.

When you change your outlook on life from within, it manifests its positivity on the outside. Once you’ve discovered how to take control of your thoughts and, in turn, your actions, you’ve come one step closer to mastering the art of living.

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