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Coping tips for Social Anxiety!

Social anxiety is characterized by an intense fear of being negatively evaluated, rejected, or judged in a social situation. In milder cases, the symptoms of social anxiety only appear in specific situations, such as public speaking. On the more extreme end, any form of social interaction can act as a trigger.

Worrying intensely about interacting with other people, avoiding social situations, worrying for days before an event, worrying about being an embarrassment to your family and friends, missing work or school because of anxiety, depending on alcohol to get through social situations, etc. are some of the psychological symptoms of social anxiety.

People suffering from this situation worry about appearing or acting anxious. This leads to stumbling over words, blushing, and feeling as if the other person is noticing how awkward or boring you are.

Some coping tips for social anxiety:

Face your fears - One of the most harmful responses to anxiety is avoidance. When a person avoids the source of their anxiety, they feel relief. However, the next time they face a similar situation, their anxiety will be worse. So, do not avoid the cause of your anxiety. Try & take baby steps to face your fears.

Challenge Negative Thoughts: Instead of thinking about the worst-case scenarios, why not change tactics and think about all the elaborate ways the situation can work in your favor.

Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is more than just meditation! Through breathing exercises and focusing on your environment, you calm your anxious thoughts, which relieve pressure from your mind and body.

Seek Help: Join a support group to interact with people who too suffer from social anxiety. Having someone to talk to who can understand your condition will allow you to open up and get rid of your social anxiety. You may also seek the help of a therapist to help you cope with social anxiety.

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