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Take a Break - For Yourself

We are so scared of falling behind that we almost consider it a sin if we take a break. But here’s the truth about productivity – living at a high level of productivity is not only unsustainable, it is actually counterproductive.

You may think that taking a break will disrupt your flow of work. But in reality, when you consistently try to yield yourself, it can become mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting, and that is actually fatal to your creativity.

So listen to your brain when it begs for you to pause, and do ‘nothing’ for a while. And doing ‘nothing’ does not mean you take up a hobby to fill up that empty space. It means - just do nothing. Pause, grab a cup of tea or coffee and soak in the world around you. Just take a break!

And then when you get back to work, you will have a regenerated mindset that will give you a fresh perspective on everything.

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